You may be thinking: I am perfectly happy with the way my computer is now. Maybe you are thinking: I wish my computer was faster and more secure.

Either way, you should take GNU/Linux out for a spin. Here’s why.

  • Linux is fast.

Linux based operating systems are fast for all sorts of reasons. Linux is common on servers, where any overhead costs the company. Linux also doesn’t have the same background processes problem that Windows has (Microsoft implements various “telemetry” or spyware processes that tend to slow down a system).

  • Linux is secure.

Linux is used extensively behind the scenes on many services and websites you use everyday. Because of Linux’s major enterprise presence, it is built by design to be secure. You won’t get Windows viruses on Linux.

  • Linux is free (as in freedom)

Almost all the benefits of Linux stem from Linux’s freedom. It’s code is open, meaning it is free to be audited. Malware, Spyware, and overall bad code can’t practically exist in Linux’s code because it would be spotted right away.

This is in stark contrast to Windows or macOS, where the code is hidden. The only ones who can tell you that they are safe is the companies making them.

  • Linux is flexible and customizable!

You can visit this website for even more reasons: